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When you notice water damage in your home or business, it so important to act quickly because the longer water remains in contact with your property, the more damage it will do. 

At Erie Restoration, we understand the impact water damage can have on not only your wallet, but your family and your life. That’s why we are here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to resolve all of you water damage issues and restore your home back to normal, while you continue with your day-to-day life.

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24-Hour Emergency Water Removal Services

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It can be overwhelming to find water damage on your property, because you know you need to address the issue immediately in order to minimize damage and losses. At Erie Restoration, we offer 24-hour emergency restoration services 365 days a year to make sure that when you need us most we are available.

Give us a call and we will be on the road, headed to your property to assess and address the water immediately. Our team is equipped and qualified to handle water removal and water extraction projects of any size.

Emergency Water Damage Catawba Island Restoration Services

Do you live in Catawba Island, OH and have water damage in your home? If so, you need a professional water damage restoration company. Erie Restoration Services is a local Ohio water damage company offering 24/7 water extraction and water damage repair services. Call us today for a free inspection and quote.
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We Address Any Type Of Water Damage in Catawba Island, OH

No matter the source of your water damage problems, Erie Restoration has the equipment and expertise needed to solve the issue. From leaking roofs to washing machine leaks and everything in between, our team of caring professionals has your back.

Water Damage Catawba Island Restoration Process

When you give us a call after you find water damage on your property, we will send a water damage specialist to conduct a comprehensive inspection, providing us with the information we need to complete an estimate of the project cost, scope, and timeline.

Our water damage restoration team utilizes industry leading extraction equipment to quickly and effectively remove any standing water from your property.

Utilizing the combination of industrial strength blowers and dehumidifiers, our team will work around the clock to return your home to a safe and dry state, actively preventing any opportunistic mold from growing.

After your property has been dried, we will clean, sanitize and deodorize the affected areas before completing any necessary repairs.

The final step is to complete the necessary water damage repairs to return your home back to normal. Whether this entails plumbing fixes, replacing flooring, or complete remodeling jobs, as a general contractor, Erie Restoration is prepared to complete repairs of any size.

Why You Should Choose Erie Restoration

24/7 Emergency Services

Mold grows in just 48 hours after water damage and saturated items get damaged beyond repair. Act now!

Insurance Approved

Our company is approved by all insurance providers, so we take on any water removal project.

Water Damage Repairs

Water restoration involves disposing of wet porous materials. We will cleanup and repair all the damage.

Catawba Island, Ohio

Catawba Island isn’t your typical island, but by the strictest sense of the definition, Catawba is an island surrounded by water on all sides. Founded in 1861, Catawba Island is home to a few thousand people, and a hotspot for visitors from around the world. Boasting miles of beautiful shorelines, great fishing, nature reserves and state parks, Catawba Island is an idyllic summertime destination. 

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