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Flood Insurance 101: What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

When your home or business has a flood, one of your first matters of business will be contacting your insurance company. If you’re well-prepared, you have insurance, but knowing whether a flood is covered or not can be difficult to say. Your best bet is to contact your insurance agent to interpret your particular policy.  Fortunately, there are some guidelines for the basics of flood insurance, in addition to what most policies will and will not cover. We have you covered! What is Flood Insurance? Flood insurance provides assistance with the repair and restoration costs of homes and businesses affected

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Properly Storing Flammable Materials in the Home

Have you ever given any thought to the many flammable materials in and around your home? Gasoline, propane, nail polish remover, and cleaning chemicals just scratch the surface. With the right conditions, these items can become highly combustible. For this reason, safety should be paramount. We’re sharing a few tips on how to store flammable materials at home. Taking stock of these products can go a long way in preventing fires, poisonings, and explosions. How to Store Flammable Materials Carelessness can have devastating consequences for your safety and well-being. Follow these tips on storing combustible items around your property. 1. Use

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How to Prevent Refrigerator & Ice Maker Water Damage

As your locally trusted water restoration company, we have seen our fair share of flooded kitchens from faulty refrigerators, ice makers, supply lines, and connecting parts. These parts deteriorate and crack over time, the fridge is pushed against the wall, or a connection becomes loose. You can use these important tips to prevent refrigerator and ice maker water damage. Refrigerator & Ice Maker Water Damage Prevention Tips Initially, a fridge or ice maker leak may seem like no big deal. However, it can destroy your wall, floor, and everything else in the way. Erie Restoration has seen plenty of refrigerator

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4 Key Considerations for How to Choose a Restoration Company

4 Key Considerations for How to Choose a Restoration Company When you become a property owner, one of the first realizations you will need to come to is that a disaster can happen at any time. While this stressful thought often prompts questions about how you’ll pay for the cleanup and repairs, this is what your homeowners insurance policy is for. However, before the insurance company compensates your claim, you’ll find yourself in need of a professional restoration company to return your space to pre-loss condition. Erie Restoration is sharing a few tips on how to choose a restoration company

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What Causes Water Damage in Homes?

Having a water loss is one of the most pressing concerns for both Sandusky OH and Toledo OH homeowners. Between the stress and headache of not knowing how to respond, as well as damaged belongings, water damage is never fun. Knowing what causes water damage in homes is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the inevitable. But you don’t have to take our word for it! U.S. water damage statistics paint a vivid picture of the need for water damage prevention: 98% of homeowners will experience water damage in their basement. 75% of water heaters fail before

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Basement Water Damage: Common Causes & How to Prevent Basement Flooding

Basement water damage is a major problem we often encounter in the Sandusy OH and Toledo OH areas. While the basement might be out of sight and out of mind, standing water can contain infectious diseases and chemical pollutants, as well as posing a safety hazard. Today, we’re sharing helpful information about the common signs of basement water damage, its causes, and the steps you need to take upon finding this moisture problem.  Common Signs of Basement Water Damage  The severity of a water loss can range from minor indications of a problem to having several feet of water sitting in the basement. To prevent the

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Water Damage Specialists: 5 Benefits of Partnering With a Pro

Water damage catches most homeowners off guard. This is also true for the extensive water restoration process and intricacies of filing an insurance claim. In all, the experience is often overwhelming at the very least. Fortunately, you are able to minimize some of the stress by partnering with professional water damage specialists such as Erie Restoration.  5 Benefits of Water Damage Specialists We’re exploring the many benefits of choosing a trusted, local water damage specialist rather than attempting DIY measures for extraction and drying.   1. Return to Normal Life Sooner The resulting damage of moisture in your home can wreak havoc

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House Fire Cleaning Sandusky

Erie Restoration recently responded to a call for house fire cleaning Sandusky OH. Upon arrival at the scene, we learned that an electrical issue sparked the blaze. Fortunately, all members of the family were out at the time and no one was injured. Unfortunately the house did not fare as well, and will require extensive fire damage cleanup and fire damage repairs. Erie Restoration jumped at the opportunity to assist the homeowner with this house fire cleaning Sandusky restoration project.  Findings of the House Fire Cleaning Sandusky Inspection As usual with each fire restoration job in the area, we began

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