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Smoke damage may be just as serious as damage caused by the flames from a fire. Smoke and soot penetrate deep into carpets and upholstery and reside on all surfaces causing corrosion and permanent discoloration. The result is a need for smoke damage cleaning and smoke deodorization.

Don’t attempt the cleaning process yourself, since oily residue left behind from the fire is difficult to clean. To completely remove the smoke smell, you need the correct equipment and knowledge. For this task, we highly recommend enlisting the help of Erie Restoration. We have the expertise to leave your property in its pre-loss condition.

Erie Restoration technicians use professional equipment and follow IICRC guidelines in all smoke damage cleanup projects. We are ready to respond to smoke damage cleaning jobs of any complexity in Oak Harbor, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Call us today to schedule an immediate inspection and smoke deodorization.    

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Areas Of Concern For Smoke Damage Cleaning

Smoke damage creates several areas of concern for property owners. Based on the materials burned by the fire, the smoke and soot will cary toxic chemicals and components. Not only is this a health hazard for your family and pets, the smoke travels through ventilation, leaving a mess of soot throughout your home or business. Due to this, smoke damage cleaning should never be a DIY project. This challenging task is best left for a professional smoke damage cleaning company. When you call Erie Restoration, we handle soot and pungent odors clinging to materials such as: 

Windows & Walls
Drapes & Furniture

Emergency Smoke Damage Cleaning and Restoration Services

Do you have fire and smoke damage in your home and need a professional smoke damage cleaning company? Erie Restoration Services is a local Ohio smoke damage restoration company offering 24/7 smoke soot cleaning and smoke deodorization. Call us today for a free inspection and quote.
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Why Smoke Damage Cleaning Needs to be Fast

When the fire starts, all the efforts are taken to put it out as soon as possible. Every minute is vital, but the importance of response doesn’t stop there, especially when it comes to smoke damage cleaning and smoke deodorization. Every minute still counts, as smoke starts traveling through the building and getting in every crack and crevice.

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The soot residue is very dangerous, as it comes from the burning of synthetic materials used in modern furniture, flooring and fabrics. The longer these chemicals, corrosive gases, and acids rest on the surfaces, the worse the damage can be.

  • In a few minutes after the fire, plastics and other materials take on irreversible damage;
  • In a few hours, furniture and grout start darkening and metals tarnish; fiberglass items turn yellow;
  • In a few days, smoke damage may be irreversible for clothes, upholstery, furniture, and paint; metals will pit and rust. Vinyl floors will need replacement or refinishing; wooden floors will need sanding and refinishing.   
  • Weeks after the fire, smoke damage will be irreversible for most of the surfaces and items in a property including synthetic materials, silver, crystal, and glass.  

Smoke and Soot Cleaning

Cleaning of soot damage depends on the type of soot and its composition. Some signs of smoke damage such as discoloration and dark stains will be apparent from the very beginning. Still, damage may be also present in hidden spaces like HVAC systems, attics, roofs, spaces behind the walls, and outside walls. If soot is not cleaned from these spaces, it will continue to cause damage and spread smoke odors.

It is very frustrating to reveal such hidden smoke damage after the insurance claims are made and the fire restoration process is over. Thus, make sure your contractors inspect the entire premises and test air quality after the smoke cleaning process. When hiring Erie Restoration for smoke damage cleaning, smoke damage restoration, and smoke deodorization you can be confident that smoke will be completely removed from your home or business. Some types are harder to clean and cause more intense odors. All soot can be classified into the following types:

Dry Soot

Dry soot results from the fast burning of natural ingredients. It has a dusty texture that can be removed using a vacuum with a HEPA filter. No smell normally remains. Even still, it is best to call Erie Restoration to handle the mess.

Wet Soot

Wet soot comes from slow burning of high moisture items. It is a wet mess of mingled dry soot and steam. A combination of fire damage and water damage cleanup techniques are required to clean wet soot.

Oily Soot

Oily soot is a sticky greasy substance that is the result of the burning of plastics, rubbers and other oil-containing products. It should not be wiped and cannot be removed using water-based cleaning products.

Protein Soot

Protein soot is the product of kitchen fires and overcooked proteins. This type of soot damage and its odor are very hard to eliminate. As such, you will need help from a certified smoke damage cleaning company.

Erie Restoration's Smoke Damage Cleaning Process

Erie Restoration follows advanced methods and technologies to provide smoke damage cleaning and smoke deodorization. Our smoke damage cleaning and smoke deodorization services are as follows:

When your home or business is charred by a fire, call Erie Restoration immediately. After receiving your call, we immediately dispatch a fire damage technician to thoroughly inspect the damage. 

Beyond the obvious fire and water damage, you’ll also be left behind with a varying degree of smoke damage. Your assigned fire restoration technician will determine the type of smoke damage, as well as the severity. From here, we create a plan to return the property to its pre-loss condition.

To an amateur, smoke damage appears to be a surface level issue. This could not be further from the truth though as smoke permeates walls, flooring, carpets, and other exposed surfaces. Erie Restoration uses professional equipment and advanced cleaning methods to rid of residual soot and smoke damage.

In addition to the visible soot and smoke, you will need to account for the smell of smoke. Unfortunately, this is one of the more difficult aspects of fire damage because the smell lingers long after the flames are put out. Depending upon the fire and its severity, smoke odor can render your property uninhabitable. Carpet, furniture, ceilings, duct work, and other areas will need deodorization services. 

The last portion of smoke damage restoration will include repairing and replacing extremely damaged materials. Erie Restoration is willing and able to make the needed repairs to return your home to a habitable condition.

Smoke Damage Odor Removal

Once the smoke damage has been cleaned, the job is not yet complete. You’ll likely notice a nuisance smoke odor that lingers throughout the property. To remedy this, our trained smoke deodorization technicians utilize industry-leading smoke odor removal techniques to eliminate the triggering smell. Our methods improve indoor air quality while preserving the stability of your home or business. 

Erie Restoration employs a combination of thermal fogging, hydroxyl generators, and cleaning to complete smoke deodorization and smoke damage odor removal services.  If we determine that damaged materials will need to be removed, we can quickly handle this task as well. Erie Restoration repairs irreversibly damaged building materials in addition to clearing the air space with smoke deodorization.

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Why You Should Choose Erie Restoration

Insurance Approved

Erie Restoration is on the list of property restoration companies approved by all insurance providers. We coordinate with your adjuster to make the process run smoothly.

Quick Estimates

Every emergency fire disaster is unique. At Erie Restoration, we know that time is of the essence and guarantee quick, accurate estimates.

Seamless Repairs

As a licensed general contractor, we handle the project from beginning to end.  We complete the job as quickly as possible to get you back into your home faster.


We Work With Your Insurance Company

It’s imperative that your response to smoke damage cleaning in your property doesn’t demonstrate negligence. If it does, your claim may be denied. Proof of poor maintenance or response by your insurance provider after the blaze could be grounds for denial. 

When you need smoke damage cleaning services, call us immediately. Erie Restoration works with every insurance company in the area to get your property back to normal. Our trained team coordinates with your insurance adjuster to get you back in your home as soon as possible. Trust Erie Restoration to work on your behalf!