Exploring Oregon OH

Oregon sits on the beautiful coast of Lake Erie. It is a busy city of almost 20 000 residents. It has industrial, agricultural and residential parts which make for a very diverse job offering for its residents. It is one of the cities that form the Toledo suburbs. 

A Brief History of Port Clinton OH

The area where the city stretches used to be a part of the Great Black Swamp. It is an area rich in various types of good quality wood, which lead to the early industry mostly being about lumber and its uses. The reputation of the quality of the wood spread, and soon settlements popped up everywhere around the sawmills. 

The Great Black Swamp Oregon OH

The first formal form of government in the area that encompasses today’s Oregon was an incorporated Oregon Township from 1838. The name itself is in a way inspired by the state of Oregon. It was used as a sales ploy to use the popularity of a successful fur trading business in the State of Oregon. By naming the city the same way some of that fame transferred and helped bring interest to the settlement of the city. As more and more settlers arrived the woods were quickly chopped up, but the land left behind was very fruitful. 
With that came a change in the industry and the development of drainage canals that are still present in the area. 

The area continued its industrial development which drew annexation interest from the neighboring city of Toledo. As a reply, there was a vote on the incorporation of the township into a city, which officially happened in 1958.

Things To Do in Oregon OH

Oregon has a varied offering of amenities for its residents and visitors. From historical museums to a lovely lakefront with loads of activities. Oregon OH offers something for everyone. 

Maumee Bay State Park Oregon OH

Maumee Bay State Park

The Maumee Bay State Park is known far and wide as an awesome destination to take kids for a picnic or fishing. It is a beautiful park that is well maintained and kept safe by the park authorities. Located near the lake it offers spectacular views and plenty of activities to all the visitors. It is not uncommon to see folk from neighbouring cities frequenting the park.

Golf Oregon OH

Maumee Bay State Park Golf

A special park of the Maumee Bay State Park is their Golf Course. It is one of the most well-known golf courses in the Lake Erie region, bringing in golfers from all around the region. It has pleasant staff, great maintenance of the entire golf course, beautiful views, lush green grass, and everything else that you would expect of a world-class golf course.

Oregon OH sailing

Lake Erie Sailing Charters

Looking to explore the wonderful lake Erie in a unique way? Oregon offers great sailboats for rental. The daily rental enables you to discover all the wonderful sites and bays that are hidden away around this nationwide known lake. The peak season for renting is summer, so it might be a good idea to get in touch a few days ahead to makes sure you get your rental.

Oregon OH Restoration Services

The majority of damages that require restoration services need to be dealt with quickly and professionally. The longer your property doesn’t receive attention, the more damage it will suffer. This results in higher costs, a long restoration process, and lower chances of getting fair insurance coverage. When your Oregon, Ohio property suffers any sort of damage you can call the experts at Erie Restoration for 24/7 damage restoration services.

Fire damage restoration Oregon OH

Fire Damage Restoration in Oregon OH

Fire is an extremely destructive event. But the damage does not stop with it. From flames and smoke to water damage and ash, fire restoration is a challenging job. For fire damage Oregon OH, call 24/7 to schedule an inspection.

Water Damage Oregon OH

Water Damage Restoration in Oregon OH

Water removal needs to be performed as soon as possible. The same goes for the other restoration steps that are necessary to restore your Oregon, OH property to its pre-disaster state. We service Oregon 24/7 for all water-related emergencies.

Smoke Damage Oregon OH

Smoke Damage Cleaning in Oregon OH

Smoke damage affects the entire property, even the areas that did not catch on fire. It is a serious health risk and a constant reminder of the fire. Call Erie Restoration for quick smoke damage cleaning and odor removal.

Flood damage Oregon Oh

Flood Damage Cleanup in Oregon OH

Not only is a flood a terrifying event, but it also destroys your property and belongings. Allow a certified flood restoration company to handle your flood needs in Oregon, Ohio. Erie Restoration responds 24/7 to get your life and your home back to normal.

Oregon OH restoration services

Schedule Oregon OH Restoration Services Today

Erie Restoration offers 24/7 response for Oregon OH restoration services. Schedule a free inspection now!

Storm Damage Oregon OH

Storm Tree Damage Cleanup in Oregon OH

Strong storms bring gale-force winds, hail, and significant amounts of rain. If a tree falls it can pierce your roof and let all that water enter your property. Trust Erie Restoration to clean your property and fix your home or business. We respond 24/7 in Oregon, OH.