Exploring Sylvania OH

Sylvania OH is a historic city in Lucas County, Ohio. It is a suburb of the city of Toledo and is home to over 19 000 residents. The northern border of the city is right on the border of the state of Michigan. Its name comes from the Greek word for forest, due to it historically being very rich in lush green woodlands.

A Brief History of Sylvania OH

The first settler in the area that forms today’s Sylvania was General David White. He explored the area and found the area to have great potential. He started buying off the land from the northern township of Port Lawrence. The place where his log cabin used to stand is nowadays the corner of Monroe and Summit streets in Sylvania. 

Sylvania OH residential homes

General White was not alone in his purchases of the land. An associate of his by the name of Judge William Wilson. Together they bought significant amounts of land with the idea of forming a town together. When the Toledo War came around their partnership broke up and each of them formed a city of their own. General White established Whiteford, while Judge Wilson established Sylvania in June of 1836. 
In 1858 Sylvania built its own train depot, and by 1859 it had its own post office. 
Soon after that, it was officially incorporated into a – in 1867 to be precise. By 1960 it had grown sufficiently to be incorporated as a city. 

Things To Do in Sylvania OH

Sylvania is an area rich in beautiful nature and woodlands. Not only is it home to some of Ohio’s most beautiful city parks but it also has a fossil park as well as some truly interesting historic sights.

Olander Park Sylvania OH

Olander Park

Cantered around a beautiful calm lake, Olander Park is very popular among the local residents. It is known for its calm and peaceful nature, great fishing spots, clean water for swimming and lovely picnic spots. And all of this is available in close proximity to the bustle of the city. It comes as no surprise that you are just as likely to see out-of-towners as well as locals in this awesome park.

Fossil park Sylvania OH

Fossil Park

A treasure trove of amazing geological findings that is tucked away nearby of the city. This is one of two parks of this kind in the entire world. This free to enter park offers you a chance to dig and discover fossils by yourself. It is recommended to bring a shovel and some old clothes. Truly an amazing place to take your entire family to learn about the ancient history of our planet.

Concert Sylvania OH

Centennial Terrace & Quarry

Despite its historic name, this is a modern concert venue that brings in crowds from all over Ohio for concerts. It is a relatively small venue but it has seen plenty of bands come to perform here over the years. It has an area in front of the stage for the hardcore fans as well as separate area where you are invited to spread open a blanket and enjoy the show while sitting down and relaxing.

Sylvania OH Restoration Services

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Fire damage Sylvania OH

Fire Damage Restoration in Sylvania OH

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Water Damage Sylvania OH

Water Damage Restoration in Sylvania Oh

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Smoke Damage Sylvania OH

Smoke Damage Cleaning in Sylvania OH

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Sylvania OH flood damage

Flood Damage Cleanup in Sylvania OH

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Restoration Services Sylvania OH

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Sylvania OH Storm Damage

Storm Tree Damage Cleanup in Sylvania OH

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