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Fires can cause overwhelming damages to your Sandusky home or business. It’s not just the fire damage you have to worry about. Consider things like water damage from firefighters extinguishing the fire, or rain water entering through a compromised roof, even the odors from smoke or the seemingly endless amount of soot covering your property. Restoring fire damage Sandusky OH can be difficult, and if done incorrectly, can lead to even more damages.

Erie Restoration offers professional fire damage restoration services in Sandusky, OH 24/7. When you have fire damage on your property, give us a call and our emergency response team will respond immediately to begin restoring your property to its original condition. We are the most trusted fire damage Sandusky restoration company.

Fire Damage Restoration

24-Hour Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Services in Sandusky OH

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire related disaster is an emergency no matter what time of day or night it occurs, so at Erie Restoration, our emergency response team is available 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure you’re covered whenever you need us. Our licensed fire damage restoration technicians will show up on-site as quickly as possible to quickly inspect your property and begin addressing the most pressing concerns in order to minimize further damage.

Call Erie Restoration any time, any day. Our fire damage restoration team will work hand in hand with you, to meet your needs, and will not stop until you are 100% satisfied with our restoration services.

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Services In Sandusky

Erie Restoration Services is your locally trusted Sandusky fire damage restoration company offering 24/7 emergency restoration services and repairs. Call us today for a free inspection and quote.
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Sandusky OH Full-Service Fire Restoration

Erie Restoration is a turnkey fire damage restoration company. Our team of fire damage restoration technicians are licensed and IICRC-certified to complete your restoration project from start to finish. We offer 24/7 emergency fire board-up, tarping, fire damage restoration and repairs, and smoke damage cleaning. We are also approved by all insurance providers and will help make sure your insurance claim is covered fairly.   

If you have fire damage on your property, call Erie Restoration, your locally trusted fire damage restoration company in Sandusky OH. Our most common fire damage restoration services include but are not limited to:

Structural Stabilization
Salvage contents
Treat Indoor Air

Our Fire Damage Sandusky Restoration Process

When you call us to restore fire damage on your property, the first thing we will do is send one of our licensed fire damage technicians to your home or business to inspect the damages and gather information to help us build out a restoration plan.

Because there are so many secondary damages that are associated with fires, from water damage and resulting mold to a compromised structure like a broken door that leaves your property unprotected or an unstable support beam that needs attention before causing costly damages. During our inspection we will identify these concerns and will begin working to mitigate further damage as soon as we’ve agreed on a restoration plan.

Soot and smoke are two different things, and can cause damage is very different ways. Smoke carries obnoxious odors throughout your property, traveling through your ducts, damaging fabrics and porous materials in parts of your property that weren’t even affected by the fire. Soot on the other hand, is carried by that smoke and will settle on practically every surface, needing to be properly cleaned in order to minimize the mess and the resulting damages.

Smoke odors linger for years unless they are properly cleaned and removed. This is not a job that can be done with some store bought spray, smoke odors require professional equipment to be effectively removed without causing further damage to the affected materials.

As a licensed general contractor, and comprehensive restoration company, Erie Restoration is educated and experienced enough to complete all necessary repairs in order to restore your home or business to its pre-disaster condition. From offering complete professional quality remodels to simple drywall installation, we can do it all without needing to find and hire a third party contractor.

House Fire Cleaning Sandusky OH

Erie Restoration recently responded to a call for house fire cleaning Sandusky OH. Upon arrival at the scene, we learned that an electrical issue sparked the blaze. Here is how we handled the situation.

house fire cleaning sandusky

Choose Erie Restoration for Fire Damage Sandusky

24/7 Emergency Services

Erie Restoration is available 24/7  to respond when a fire impacts your home or business.

Insurance Approved

We are approved by all insurance providers, making us your ideal choice for fire damage restoration.

Fire Damage Repairs

Fires cause significant damage. As a licensed general contractor, we are able to make all necessary repairs.

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