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Often, we cannot predict or prevent water damage Sandusky. Still, whenever nature or an emergency causes water damage to our property, our immediate response changes it all. The best response to water damage Sandusky OH is calling Erie Restoration for emergency water extraction and drying.

Our technicians have years of experience in the restoration business. We use powerful equipment and follow the most efficient techniques for fast water damage mitigation. Best of all — we respond to water emergency calls from Sandusky and the entire surrounding area 24/7 to minimize your expenses and return your residential or commercial property to the pre-damage condition as soon as possible. 

When you have water damage in Sandusky OH, call the professionals at Erie Restoration to setup a free inspection.  

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Common Causes Of Water Damage Sandusky, OH

It doesn’t matter what the source of your water damage is — Erie Restoration can handle them all. From broken pipes to flooding and everything in between, our team of caring professionals has your back.

Emergency Water Damage Sandusky Restoration Services

Do you live in Sandusky, OH and have water damage in your home? If so, you need a professional water damage restoration company. Erie Restoration Services is a local Ohio water damage company offering 24/7 water extraction and water damage repairs. Call us today for a free inspection and quote.​
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Types of Water Damage Sandusky OH

Category 1

Category 1 water damage is clean drinking water or bath water, which is not harmful to your health. Still, it becomes contaminated and promotes mold growth when left standing. You can have category 1 water damage due to a bathtub overflow, a leaky or broken sink, or a broken tub pipe.

Category 2

Category 2 or gray water is contaminated with microorganisms or chemicals. In fact, contact with it can cause many illnesses and diseases. Gray water may be caused by water release from washing machines, dishwashers, or other appliances, as well as damage of pipes attached to them.

Category 3

Category 3 – black water – is the most harmful type of all. Black water comes from sewage and flood water contaminated with microorganisms, contaminants, chemicals, bacteria, and fungi. Category 3 water damage requires professional cleaning and sanitation.

Professional Water Removal Services in Sandusky OH

Does your Sandusky, Ohio property have water damage? No matter which of the types of water damage Sandusky OH you have, Erie Restoration can help with professional water removal Sandusky services and water damage cleanup.  

Our experts understand that water damage Sandusky is best handled ASAP. A quick response allows for the best possibility to save your home or business’ building materials and belongings by way of water extraction services.  

Should you find water damage Sandusky, call Erie Restoration right away. Our professional water damage cleanup services and water removal services return your property to its rightful state, making it habitable again. We work on your behalf to coordinate with your insurance company and adjuster, ensuring your claim for water extraction is covered. 

water damage cleanup services

Water Damage Sandusky Restoration Process

The first step in water restoration is an area inspection. Erie Restoration professionals use specialized tools and instruments to check the extent of water damage. The inspection allows us to assess the level of saturation of baseboards, flooring, and ceilings and detect water in places where it is not visible, for example, behind the walls. 

Standing water quickly becomes contaminated, penetrates deep into materials and building structures, and causes mold growth. This is why fast water extraction is so important. Our crew uses powerful pumps to quickly remove the vast bulk of water and halt the damage.  

Sometimes, the cost of replacement is much lower than the cost of drying and repairs. Having completed thousands of water restoration projects, Erie Restoration knows that it is worth removing some saturated materials right away so as not to let them affect the structure. Even still, we take care to save and restore all valuable possessions of Sandusky residents. 

The next step in the water damage restoration process is drying and dehumidification. We use special drying equipment such as fans and floor mats to make the water evaporate. Our crew carefully monitors and documents the drying process to achieve the best restoration result. 

Erie Restoration is a licensed general contractor ready to take care of reconstruction, repairs, cleaning, and deodorization. Thus, after any water damage in Sandusky, Ohio, our clients can return to clean, restored homes void of any foul odors. 

Sandusky OH Water Damage Repairs

water damage repairs

Following water damage Sandusky, you may be concerned about if your property will ever be the same again. The truth is that water damage can take a major toll on the critical structures of your dwelling. Between structural instability, mold growth, and contaminated surfaces, there is only one solution — water damage repairs

Erie Restoration performs seamless water damage repairs to improve the integrity of your home or business, in addition to its appearance. Our craftsmen are skilled in making the necessary water damage repairs to make the area suitable for habitation again. 

Erie Restoration proudly serves the Sandusky OH area for all water damage repairs and fixes. We are a licensed general contractor with a highly-trained and reputable crew. Contact us today to schedule an inspection for water damage repairs. 

Why You Should Choose Erie Restoration

24/7 Water Removal

Immediate water damage restoration will prevent mold growth and minimize secondary damage.

Insurance Approved

We are approved by all insurance companies and work with a claim adjuster to save you the trouble.

We repair the damaged structures and furniture and replace materials that cannot be restored.

Sandusky, Ohio

Sandusky is a beautiful US city of Erie County along the shores of Lake Erie. This lake gave the city its name, which derived from words that meant “cold waters” in the traditionally spoken language, Wyandot.

Now, the city leads an active life, welcoming some of the most adventurous and fun loving visitors to its second tallest roller coaster in the world – the Top Thrill Dragster – in Cedar Point, a famous amusement park.        

We are happy to see the city develop and implement modern projects, neighborhood initiatives,  and multi-year improvement plans. One of them, the Sandusky Bay Pathway, a 12 mile-long waterfront bike path and boardwalk, is sure to become a beloved place of all Sandusky citizens.  

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